Today I’m the oldest I’ve ever been in my entire life, and I feel it. I’ve lived for over a billion seconds, each one going by faster than the last. I first started blogging about 200,000,000 seconds ago. I find it fitting that I’m using my birthday to give my blogging life the rebirth it deserves.

Today I will be celebrating my birthday the same way many people my age do, at work. I will have eight hours of an intense computer staring contest, then possibly enjoy some pizza and cake with my wife and little one.

To celebrate my birthday and the rebirth of The Don BroJo Blog I want to provide a list of what’s changed over the last few years since I first decided to step into the WordPress World.

  1. Moved to Dallas, for a girl.
  2. Met my wife after finding out previously mentioned “girl” was not the one for me.
  3. Got Married
  4. Had a baby, StoriesBaby – Now StoriesToddler
  5. Moved to Arkansas – Grew up in Missouri making fun of Arkansas. I was wrong.
  6. Started a job that I can honestly say is the best job I’ve ever had.
  7. Stopped blogging, you know, wife and baby and all.
  8. Took a couple naps.
  9. Watched Gilmore Girls, many, many times.
  10. Started blogging again.

There you have. This is my attempted “Come Back”. Are you with me? Please offer up some words of encouragement if you can. I’ll do my best to be more present in your words as well.

Happy Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Happy Blog Rebirth Day!


  1. I’ve missed hearing your fun stories and your big brother persona. I’ll never forget the day I was transferred from your area. You helped me so much. I look forward to the reboot of the blog.


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